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Claimed: Paranormal Romance

by Laxmi Hariharan

(Many Lives Book 4)

Coming soon: 26/09/2017


Can You Love Again, When You Blame Yourself  for the death of your Mate? 


When feisty human Tara sets her sights on me, I can’t resist her.

I’ll do anything to protect her.

But, when the city of my birth is attacked, I discover my true purpose.

I must bring peace among Shifters, Vampires, and Immortals.

And the only way to do so, is to claim her.

Except, I have sworn never to take another for my mate.


Pick up this book in the Many Lives Series because you love a Protective Alpha Warrior who’d do anything to stay true to his love.

Kris must bring peace among shifters, vampires, and immortals. The only way to do so is to claim his mate

Except he’s sworn never to love again.

Pick up this next book in the Many Lives Series for you love a Protective Alpha Warrior who’d do anything to stay true to his love.


My experience as beta reader

I was a beta reader for it! That was a great experience about cooperating with the great person – Laxmi Hariharan. She is one of the authors that wants you to tell everything hat you think about it – you can be sincere! What you think about the text posted below? This one is a part that changed due to MY suggestion! I love her works ❤


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(you can read it ONLY here before release!)


“You made it clear; you don’t want anything to do with me.” I struggle to keep my voice even. “Now you ask how I am?”

“I’m doing it to give you a choice.” His voice is gruff, yet there’s an edge of emotion in it, an intensity that hints at secrets, at unsaid fears.

It makes him seem almost human for a second.

Enough to make me peer up into his eyes. Enough for me to let the anger show in mine. “No, you’re doing it to keep me at a distance,” I say. “Don’t you trust yourself?”

Silver sparks in those blue eyes. Cold fire. He’ll be a demanding lover. Merciless. He’ll take what he wants.

“You’re right,” he says, voice soft. “I don’t trust myself around you.”


I hadn’t expected him to admit that. “Why can’t you open yourself up to how it can be between us? What are you afraid of?” I hadn’t meant for it to come out like that. But sometimes you just go with your instinct.

His eyes fall to my lips. “You challenging me, Tara?” His voice turns silky. “You have no idea what you’re taking on.”

“Don’t I?” I keep my voice casual, trying not to acknowledge what I sense…that the sexual tension between us just multiplied.

“If we are together, I’ll ask everything of you. I’d want you to come stripped bare. To reveal your fears, your deepest desires. To allow me to see your soul as I let you see mine.

“Can you deal with my dominance taking over, subsuming yourself into me before you’ve even had a chance to discover who you really are? Can you live with that, Tara? Can you live with knowing I may never be able to offer you the mating bond in return?”

His words hit me with the force of a blow.

“All this time you ignored me. Now, when you decide to speak, you don’t hold back, do you?” I gasp.

His tone is serious.

For the first time, I understand what I have dared to take on. His eyes hold mine. Deep within him, a fire burns that tempts me to reach out and touch. It’s unavoidable that I will burn. It’s as if for the first time, he’s dropped all pretense, showing me a glimpse of what he really is: an immortal who’s much more experienced than me. He has loved and lost, has defeated many on the battlefield. A warrior who’s faced deep grief, soul-wrenching agony, and survived.

A shiver runs down my spine: pure unadulterated fear. I provoked the devil. Have I taken on more than I can handle?




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Pink Lines & Panic by KA Ware and Cora Kenborn! Cover Reveal!


Pink Lines & Panic

Authors: K.A. Ware & Cora Kenborn

Release Date: August 15, 2017

Cover Design: Bite Me Graphic Design




Variety is the spice of life… That’s the kind of ‘throw caution to the wind’ mentality that got me into this mess in the first place. I thought a fresh start, some vodka, and swamp air would bring me back to my roots. They did, all right—my roots also got me pregnant and have me staring at this positive test like it’s a Jenga puzzle piece. One wrong move and everything topples over. We love each other. We hate each other. But above all else—we’re now stuck with each other for life.


My sister has got herself a bun in the oven and a sentence for eighteen to life. Instead of owning up, she’s still letting her stubborn ass pride get in the way, and I’m done. I may not have it all together, but I’m taking matters into my own hands and forcing them to handle their business. I’m one hell of a puppet master too until my boyfriend drops the mother of all bombs on me. This should be our happily ever after, but life’s funny with curveballs like that. Especially ones you’ve managed to block out.


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Cover reveal – BROTHERS in Blue: Matt by Jeanne St. James

 The Brothers in Blue Series, book #3
Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Releases 4/9/17
Cover artist: Kennedy Kelly


Meet the men of Manning Grove, three small-town cops and brothers, who meet the women who will change the rest of their lives. This is Matt’s story…
As a former Marine, Matt Bryson has dealt with PTSD ever since coming home from the Middle East. He finds himself fortunate to be able to return to his job as a cop at the local police department with his brothers Max and Marc.
Dr. Carly Stephens works hard as an obstetrician at the local hospital, struggling to pay off her medical school loans, financially support her elderly parents, and save money to adopt a baby. Unable to have children, she still longs for one of her very own.
Instantly attracted to the Dictator Doctor, Matt finds Carly easily brings him to his knees both emotionally and physically. What starts out only as a convenient sexual relationship turns into a whole lot more when dealing with their pasts and their future. Especially since Matt doesn’t ever want children.
Matt and Carly find themselves on a passionate and emotional journey that can either bring them together or rip them apart.
This book can be read as a stand-alone and has an HEA ending. Due to the sensual and explicit sexual nature of the story, it is intended only for readers 18+. Trigger warning: this book includes a main character who is dealing with PTSD.






She didn’t know why the angry asshole sitting next to her made her want to fuck his brains out.
Yet something pulled at her.
Maybe it was the challenge.
Or the fact she hadn’t had sex in…hell, forever.
Maybe she needed a night of angry sex to relieve some of the stress of being an overworked OB/GYN at a small hospital.
Maybe she just needed a few explosive orgasms to help her forget about all the debt she had. All the responsibilities.
She peeked out of the corner of her eye at him. Officer Asshole had a shit-eating grin on his face. Surely, it wouldn’t take much to wipe it off.
“Where are you heading?” she asked.
“Taking you home.”
“Take me to your place.”
His head snapped in her direction and the truck swerved when he jerked the wheel. He straightened it out and concentrated back on the road. “What?”
Yep. Now he wore a frown instead of
that cocky grin.
“Take. Me. To. Your. Place.” The words were distinct and forceful. She wanted to make sure he knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
“Why?” he asked, the suspicion thick in his voice.
“I want to make sure I’m not hallucinating,” he said.
“To fuck me into oblivion.”
His eyebrows rose, but he kept his eyes on the road. “What if I suck at sex?”
“You won’t.” She smirked. “Assholes are always good in bed.”
His brows crept even higher. “Sounds like you know from experience.”
“I do.” Unfortunately, it was the truth.
“Maybe I can’t get it up.”
Carly looked at his lap. The distinct bulge in his jeans kind of shot that lie to bits. “Assholes can always get it up.”
With a cocked eyebrow, he asked, “You have a thing for assholes?”
“I must.”
JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine.
Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.
She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at www.jeannestjames.com or sign up for her newsletter here.




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Brothers in Blue

by Jeanne St. James

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Blog Tour with Celtic Fire by Liz Gavin!

Celtic Fire
Liz Gavin
(Highland Celts Series, #1)
Publication date: January 31st 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Paranormal Romance

This is a standalone, historical/paranormal romance. Its mature themes – violence, religious war, and pagan rituals – might not be appropriate for audiences under 18.

When ancient gods ruled and Druids kept Faith alive, the Celts thrived as a democratic, matriarchal society. Then savage Roman soldiers swept across Europe, killing and enslaving. The Celts did not succumb without a fight. Their Old Ways survived centuries of ruthless domain until another menace loomed: a tortured god worshiped in cold stone buildings. The sacred shores of Avalon began to drift away, the mists threatened to hide the island from mortal eyes forever.

Against the bleak backdrop of war, the gorgeous Scottish Highlands stood tall, sheltering its inhabitants from greedy invaders. Yet the reach of the eagle banners was long and the highlanders turned to the Goddess for protection. However, the sacred groves felt silent and grim as Avalon faded away. Once sad, pealing bells began to sound strangely comforting while the high walls of monasteries offered an alluring barrier from violence. Caught in the middle of this centuries-old war, a young High Priestess might be Avalon’s last chance.

Wise beyond her years and powerful like no other Priestess in her lifetime, Rowen had served the Goddess faithfully, forsaking her family and the company of her soulmate. When the Lady of the Lake asks for another sacrifice, it might be one too many for her scarred heart. How could she obey the Goddess without betraying Caddaric? Could she trust Eochaid, who embodied everything she despised and hated? Would she be able to fulfill her duties without losing her soul?

Caddaric had been Rowen’s companion in countless lives; but, now, they existed in different realms. Beautiful Rowen lived in the mortal world while sweet Caddaric remained in the sacred isle of Avalon, watching over her. Could he step aside to allow another man – a flesh and blood man – to become her protector?

Eochaid had sworn to protect the Old Ways. The rude warrior never quite understood his faith yet his loyal heart belonged to the Goddess. A gorgeous, fiery High Priestess was not in his plans. He would risk his life to protect Rowen; but, would the Goddess safeguard his heart? Could he defend the bewitching maiden from himself?

When stakes were so high that a simple mistake could cost their very world, a priestess, a Druid, and a warrior must learn to trust each other and the mysterious ways of the Goddess. Their success would save Avalon. Their failure would tear the island from the human realm forever, condemning it to oblivion.

Failure was not an option.

Goodreads / Amazon

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From March 5th to 9th only!


This book has a very intriguing way of saying a story. But still it’s nice read.
Don’t let slow beginning make you stop! Later IT gets really well and its worth for sure reading IT!
We have 3 characters that we get to know from their POVs: Rowen a prisesses that is one of the last; Cadderic a previous lifes companion; Eoachid a worrior that has something in himself.
The story goupes around Rowen and Eoachid and its really enjoyable to get to know them, their reasons, past and what is going on on their heads.
The relation beethwen them was well developed and like real one! Great job of the author.

This is a book for adult readers and romance fans for sure!

Author Bio:

International best-selling author Liz Gavin, has accomplished much in her short career. Her books have made to #1 and Top Five best-selling ranks in her home country Brazil and others as diverse as Japan, the UK and the US; both in English and Portuguese, collecting 5 and 4-star reviews. Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award in 2016, and again in 2017, this RWA member constantly seeks new opportunities to improve her craft.

This thirst for knowledge propelled Liz to leave the comforts of family and friends in Brazil and move to California to pursue a Master’s degree in late 2015. She lives in sunny SoCal, where she’s researching the writing process, for her thesis, in hopes to figure out why she creates in English instead of her native Portuguese.

Liz Gavin writes in contemporary, paranormal, and historical genres. In her sexy stories, one finds smart, independent women, who don’t need rescuing by knights in shining armor, but indulge in steamy action with swoony Alpha males with big hearts. She also writes about women discovering their sexuality and finding happiness in unconventional setups.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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Love, fighting evil and great romance! Othala Sector 4 – Immortal Winter

33004234Author: N.R. Larry & Margo Bond Collinc


Published: December 2016


A princess locked away in an ice tower.
A handsome kidnapper who insists her savior-queen is a liar.
And a chance to break the curse that’s bound them all.
Jayla Storm woke up today next to a dead body, with no memory of how it got there. Then Kip Stanton blew up her ice tower—the only home she’s ever known—and kidnapped her, insisting it was for her own good.
Now she’s stuck with a group of rebels hell-bent on usurping the queen who saved Jayla’s life. As her memories resurface, she’s afraid to trust anyone, even while her feelings for Kip grow stronger.
But wherever Jayla goes, the monstrous ravagers follow. If she’s going to survive, and perhaps save Kip and the others, she’ll have to learn to trust someone—maybe especially herself.


This is my third book from Othala series – and once again it met my expectations as a great read where in each Sector things are different but still there are similarities 🙂
The plot was good and went smoothly, it had few surprises for me during book. The emotions were well described, i smiled and cried during they journey.
Jayla, what i can say i really enjoyed her way of thinking and being. Memories, were like a gift to me (you will get to know it during reading). She rocks!
Kip – a man that is loveable but he also got on my nerve (twice i thing) – and i was glad a he’s not perfect 🙂 but still an ideal companion 🙂

The side characters were full from blood and flesh as main ones 🙂

I recommend it to people who enjoy: paranormal romance, strong women and man, fight with evil!

Betreyal of prince that i loved – begining of new romance! The royal trade by Erin Hayes

32875184Author: Erin Hayes


Published: December, 2016


Cara thought she was living the fairy tale life.
After all, she is engaged to the man of her dreams, who just happens to be the prince of an island nation in the Mediterranean. But when he publicly cheats on her, her life is turned upside down and she doesn’t want to come back to reality.
Then Eric, her ex-fiancée’s brother and a playboy prince himself, offers her the chance to run away from it all.
Because he fell for her first. And he’s going to prove to her that she fell for the wrong prince.


Your life seems to be a fairy tale, but thats shatterd in one minute.

That happened to Cara. Her life ended the minute Philipe had cheated on her. What you do in that situation: escape and hide anywhere you can! Than fate put his brothers in front of you and he takes you for a trip.
What will happen? You will discover in book!

Cara is a women who knows her way, she has a habbit when shes worried, i really liked her as she was really a full women with good and bad sides of it.
Eric a second Prince, he tries to find his way to win Caras Heart, will he manage? He deals with his own demons and we can see it while reading his POVs 😉
Main characters well developed, background characters were a little less, but still not one dimensional!!

For romance lovers!

Can you find love when you don’t look for it? All the while by Gina Azzi

33114540Author: Gina Azzi


Published: January 2017



Consumed with grief for her twin brother Adrian’s death, Maura Rodriguez is spinning out of control. To cope with Adrian’s loss, she numbs her pain with bottles of vodka and sex with random men.
Harboring guilt over his best friend Adrian’s death, Zack Huntington is yearning for a past that no longer exists. Reaching out to the familiarity and comfort an ex-girlfriend offers, Zack aims to recreate what once was but can never be again.
When their worlds collide while running on the trails along Boathouse Row, Maura and Zack find comfort in each other and in the memory of their shared connection—Adrian.
An unlikely friendship brimming with undeniable attraction blossoms into an unexpected romance. While Maura and Zack struggle to heal, to forgive, to accept, they also learn how to let go and allow themselves to fall in love, a truth they’ve both known but resisted all the while.


This is a book about hurt people that struggle with their present after death of important person in their life.
The plot is so Vivid, that i needed to take a break during reading! As i mostly feel what characters feel. So miss Azzi did a great job!
Maura – a strong girl that lost her way, after her brother death. She’s senior, but all she can do is makeing herself numb. Her own struggling and trauma moments were so well described. (More in the book)
Zack – a guy that melt each girl heart, but not Maura in first place. What i can tell each of us would love to have someone like that by our sides. He did what guy shoud have done in that pary of girl life.
What i can tell? I loved that book and characters that and not artificial, but also do bad and don’t go over it in miraculus way!
Romance dane will love it for sure!