Heart of Stone Series



Title: Heart of Stone Series
Author: K.M. Scott
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Release Dates: 2013 – 2017

Series Blurb

The New York Times bestselling series of Tristan and Nina and their unforgettable romance that proves the greatest riches come from love. 
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What would you give up for everything?

Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. And he wore it all so
well. From the moment his mesmerizing gaze met mine, I had no choice but
surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was
all I never knew I needed.

He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was
accept what he offered. But everything has a price.

The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when
the past crashed into the present?

Wealthier and more powerful than most men his age, Tristan
Stone merely has to give voice to his desires and whatever he wants is his.
Money has given him the ability to say nothing and no one is beyond his reach.

Except for Nina. Stripped of her memory after an accident, she doesn’t remember
the man who loves her. Now he must find a way to show her why she fell in love
with him, but the past is always just a step behind, threatening to take her
away forever.

Unsure of everything about the past four years, Nina believes that Tristan
loves her. But will the secrets he holds tear them apart just when she needs
him most?


Tristan Stone has lived a life other men would kill for.
Literally. But all the money, women, and fast cars mean nothing to him since
Nina came into his life. Danger lurks around every turn with enemies wearing
friendly faces. Whatever it takes, he’ll protect the woman he loves because
without her, life isn’t worth living.

Nina Edwards had no idea of the world Tristan would give her. All her dreams
have come true, but with the good comes the bad, and this world of his has more
than enough of that. For love, though, she’ll face not only Tristan’s demons
but anyone who stands in her way of finally finding happiness with the man she


Ever After is the story of what happens with Tristan and
Nina after they say “I do.” For readers who read Give In To Me and want to know
if Tristan’s dream of their future comes true, this novella answers that


Tristan Stone has made all of Nina’s dreams come true. Three
beautiful children, a gorgeous home, and everything she could ever ask for is
hers. But now he needs to show her that even domestic bliss can use a little
surprise every so often, and what better time to do that than Christmas? Join
your favorite couple and see how Tristan shows Nina just how much he loves her
in A Heart of Stone Christmas!

What do you do when the one you love is the one you can’t

Gage Varo had accepted being alone for what he’d done. No one else should be
hurt because of him. Then one day Jordan showed up and he fell hard for the
beautiful blond who made him believe in love again. But his past returned with
a vengeance and forced him to make the hardest choice of his life. He never
stopped loving her, though, even as he watched her move on without him.

What do you do when the one you love is the one you shouldn’t want?

Jordan Wright thought she found real love with Gage, but it all ended one night
with a phone call. Now she’s got a chance to have the life she’s always wanted
with a man who can give her everything. All she needs to do is forget about
Gage and she can be happy. The problem is she can’t forget the one man who
loved her unlike anyone else ever had.

They’ll have to put the past behind them if they ever want to have a future,
but the past isn’t going away that easy.

For Gage, the past never goes away. All he’s done to protect
Jordan doesn’t erase the failure he can’t forget. But he’ll have to find a way
to overcome those demons that still haunt him to be the man she needs him to be
or risk losing her forever.

The only thing Jordan knows to be true is Gage loves her. She doesn’t know why
Hailey wants her dead or why a billionaire wants to help her kill her, but
together with the man she loves, they’ll work to unravel the mystery behind
Hailey’s plan.

But will it be in time, or will she lose him again, this time for good?

Author Bio
K.M. Scott is a New York Times and USA Today
bestselling author of sexy contemporary fiction. When she’s not writing, you
can find her reading a book, watching tv or movies, or cooking a new dish for
family and friends.
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The Future is Pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Future is Pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Gen all

Roses are Pink,
Our books are too;
We’re fighting breast cancer,
With a little help from you!

Nine sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy romance authors have banded together to fight against breast cancer. Ten percent of any of the following pink-covered books sold during the month of October will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Please join us in the fight, by reading your way into the future where everything is pink!

Website: http://www.tashablack.com/pink.html


Participating authors

Alora’s Love Potion by Rosalie Redd

Salvation by Lea Kirk

Building a Hero by Tasha Black

Crazy for Carly by Crystal Dawn

Captive by K.M. Fawcett

Avenger Mine by T.M. Slay

Terran by Cara Bristol

Bound by Water by Monica La Porta

Not His Werewolf by Annie Nicholas

The Ace of Clubs – highly awaited book 3 in the series!


Full title: The Ace of Clubs: Part 3 of the Red Dog Conspiracy


The one secret which could destroy everything …

After financial disaster and the zeppelin bombing, the city of Bridges is reeling. Three of the four Families are implicated, and an inquest is called to investigate.

After her failure to prove Jack Diamond’s guilt in David Bryce’s kidnapping and the deaths of her friends, private eye and mobster’s moll Jacqueline Spadros has had enough. While she and her former lover Joseph Kerr try to learn who killed their family friend, they also begin making plans to leave the city.

But the secrets Jacqui has kept over the years are coming back to cause her serious trouble. Will she be able to escape Bridges? Or will she be forced to face the terrible consequences of her lies and trickery once and for all?


Additional description: This is a full-length first person narrative novel (243 pages), the third installment in the 13-part steampunk neo-noir serial novel, the Red Dog Conspiracy. In other words, this is chapter 3 of a very large story, and – for you writers – ends with the first major plot point for the series.

While this book CAN be read first, it’s strongly recommended that you read the first two novels first. 🙂

Warnings: This series, if made into a mini-series, would be rated R for graphic violence (including domestic), consent issues, sexual content, alcohol/smoking by the main character, bad language, child kidnapping, disaster scenes, teen murder, and suicide. These books do not have happy endings, the closest you get is bittersweet. It’s noir about mobsters.

AceOfClubs paperback

Author bio and links:



Patricia Loofbourrow, MD is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling SFF and non-fiction writer, PC gamer, ornamental food gardener, fiber artist, and wildcrafter who loves power tools, dancing, genetics and anything to do with outer space. She was born in southern California and has lived in Chicago and Tokyo. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three grown children.

Author Links:

Website: http://www.jacqofspades.com

Newsletter sign up: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/38486?v=6

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00TVGJGQI

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/red_dog_conspiracy

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/patricia-loofbourrow


Pre-release: SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Author Brittney Sahin


Model: Travis S.
Designed by: RBA Designs : Romantic Book Affairs
Release Date: 10-12-17


He was a nameless guy in a bar—a man Grace couldn’t get out of her head…

A week later, she came home to find him sweaty and shirtless with a tape measure in hand, remodeling her loft. As a Parker-King, she’s not allowed to want someone like Noah Dalton. She’s sick of her life, though. Sick of the rules of being a Parker-King. She wants something more, even if it isn’t forever. Somewhere in history, there was that one time where hot, no-strings-attached sex didn’t end badly, right? Finding comfort in the arms of a former SEAL is easy, not falling for one . . . not so much.

Noah left the military and moved to New York for one reason: his daughter. Not for some uptight businesswoman—a Manhattan elitist. So when Grace offers him the kind of relationship that no hot-blooded man can turn down, he should say no. And when her seemingly put-together life spins out of control, and his instincts to protect and save kick in, he should turn away. But he doesn’t.
Can two people from different worlds really live in the moment, knowing they’re on borrowed time, or is someone bound to get hurt?




99c Preorder:
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What happens in Vegas…

Comes back to ruin your life.

One month before her perfect wedding to the man of her dreams, Savannah is slapped with the consequences of the worst decision she’s ever made.

As the clock ticks and the stakes rise, she panics and kidnaps a very pregnant Adelaide, hopping on the first flight to Vegas. The plan is simple—plan a fake last-minute bachelorette party, get a quickie divorce erasing her drunken vows to Mr. Wrong, and return home with no one being the wiser.

There’s just one problem—the men they both love aren’t buying any of it. Racing against time, the sisters are on a mission to right their wrongs before Savannah’s fiancé finds out about her tequila soaked nuptials and Adelaide’s boyfriend locks her away until she gives birth.

Throw in a drunk and slot machine obsessed grandmother, and it’s a recipe for the craziest Dubois adventure yet.




I couldn’t help the loud breath of relief I let out as the tension diffused and the couple dozen pairs of eyes that had observed the exchange with the interest of a blood thirsty mob went back to their own conversations. As I watched Savannah rub Pope’s back in an attempt to calm him, Zep slipped both arms around my waist from behind, settling his hands on top of my swollen belly. I smiled, relaxing for the first time since Heather pulled up in her mobile prison camp, and sent everything down the shitter.

Well, I relaxed until Savannah leaned around Pope and pointed to a plate piled high with food sitting on the opposite end of bar.

“Where did you get that?”

Babs, who’d remained uncharacteristically quiet during the whole exchange with the guys, tossed back a shot of what I assumed to be vodka and picked up a giant toothpick with a dripping, colossal meatball skewered on the end. Just the way she eyed it like she was about to unhinge her jaw and suck the whole thing down in one bite made warning bells on go off inside my head.

Oh, God, no. No, no, no, please, for the love of all that is good and sacred, no.

Offering her a toothy grin, Babs gave the giant meatball a porn star worthy lick from the bottom to the very tip, then smacked her lips. “From buffet.”

Savannah’s face paled in watching the display just before our grandmother’s words registered in her head. “In the hotel? Babs, that’s not free! And you don’t make a plate and take it with you. It’s a buffet, not fucking h’ors d’oeuvres.”

“Then shouldn’t leave little plate by door.”

Did I say that the tension had been diffused? Apparently, it was just getting started.

Savannah all but fell out of her chair, grabbing Pope’s arm for support as she snatched the plate away and held it high above her head. “You’re a kleptomaniac.”

“Okay,” Pope said, taking the plate out of Savannah’s hands and dropping it back onto the bar. Pinning her arms by her side, he kissed her temple. “What’s done is done. No harm no foul. We all just need to get some rest. We’ll have clearer heads tomorrow.”

Wasting no time, Babs retrieved the plate and wrapped an arm around it like she was the guardian of congealed meat. “One problem.”

“Jesus, what now?” Savannah groaned.

Taking a bite out of the meatball, Babs held tightly to the toothpick in her hands and pointed what was left at each of one of us as if ticking off a hit list. “Six people, one bed. I okay to sleep with McHandcuff, Clam Digger, and Side Piece, but you two take floor.” Giving Zep an exaggerated wink, she took another sloppy bite off the ball of meat that now hung by a thread and a prayer and grinned.

“Oh God, I’m gonna have nightmares now,” Zep whispered into my hair.

He wasn’t the the only one.




Front Porches and Funerals

Voodoo and Vodka

Hook-ups and Hang-ups

Blue Lights and Boatmen

Pink Lines and Panic



Title: SCRUMptious 
Series: Dublin Rugby #3
Author: Rebecca Norrine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2017

She’s cooking up something seriously hot with a rugby player ten years her junior. It shouldn’t add up, but when they get together, age ain’t nothing but a number.

Some people came to Ireland for adventure or love. Not me. When I landed in Dublin, it was because my job as a sous chef had imploded on national TV. Humiliated and jobless, I landed a temporary gig as a cook for a rugby team, a sport I knew nothing about. All I wanted to do was save up enough money to get my food truck off the ground back home.

I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship, especially with someone like Donal Casey, the team’s cocksure young hooker. It was supposed to be a fling, nothing permanent. At least that’s what we told ourselves. But what if you found love in the most unexpected place, with the most unlikely partner? What lengths would you go to keep him? 

I have a feeling I’m about to find out. Because even though people say I’m wrong for him, when I’m in Donal’s arms, everything feels oh so right.


USA TODAY bestselling Rebecca Norinne writes steamy contemporary romance featuring smart and sexy heroines and the men who adore them. When not writing, Rebecca is watching rugby, drinking craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next story. Find out more at http://www.rebeccanorinne.com




Series title: The Gravity Series

Individual titles: Gravity, Velocity, Infinity

Genre: YA Paranormal
Gravity Blurb

They are calling it the End of Days. The world is plunging into darkness, the days growing shorter and the nights longer. Meteor showers are falling to the earth and there are some who would take advantage of the growing darkness.
For sixteen-year-old Bronte Bell, her problems are closer to home. Since her birthday she’s become weaker, her bones breaking, her hair falling out and plagued with constant migraines. No one can explain why. Until a mysterious new boy arrives and tells her that everything is not as it seems. She is not what she seems.
Drawn into a war that divides the sky, Bronte is torn between her desire to save the world and her growing connection with Nick. But she will have to let go of reality as she knows it, if she is to accept her role in destiny before the Hunter, who has been tracking her since birth, finds and destroys any chance she has of making the choice which is her birthright to make.
Her destiny will change everything.
Velocity Blurb

Life for sixteen-year-old Bronte Bell has fallen apart around her—the man who raised her as his own is the enemy, the boy she loves is a Star, and her high school nemesis is her sister, and the other last star child. Life for Bronte couldn’t get much more complicated.
Except, she can’t remember a thing.
Willing to do whatever it takes to protect her; the Stars have secreted Bronte away in a glamoured life; one where she’s just a normal teenager with normal teenager problems. But piece by piece, and with the help of an unlikely ally, the truth unravels as the pull between Bronte and Nick refuses to extinguish. Only Nick has a secret—one that could change everything.
Will the fate of destiny fall with the full force of velocity?
Infinity Blurb

Bronte Bell is the last of the Star children, the last of her race, but there are those that would see her kind eradicated in a long running battle for darkness over the sky.
On her own and lost in space and time Bronte must try to find her own path towards her destiny while uncovering the truth about who she really is. When one discovery finds her at odds with her partnered soul, Nick, and fighting a broken heart, will Bronte be able to keep battling her way to the truth so long withheld.
With forces closing in, and friendships shattered in a war to destroy the world, Bronte must discover the true meaning of Infinity before she can fulfil her destiny and save those she loves.
But in war, freedom comes a price. Will it be a price she is willing to pay?
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Discover the truth with Bron in Velocity

Pay the price in Infinity (pre-order)

Author Bio

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A book hoarder and coffee addict by heart Anna Bloom loves to write extraordinary stories about real love. Based south of London with her husband, three children and a dog with a beard, Anna likes to connect with readers, fan girl over her favourite authors and binge watch Supernatural while drinking lots of wine.