Betreyal of prince that i loved – begining of new romance! The royal trade by Erin Hayes

32875184Author: Erin Hayes


Published: December, 2016


Cara thought she was living the fairy tale life.
After all, she is engaged to the man of her dreams, who just happens to be the prince of an island nation in the Mediterranean. But when he publicly cheats on her, her life is turned upside down and she doesn’t want to come back to reality.
Then Eric, her ex-fiancée’s brother and a playboy prince himself, offers her the chance to run away from it all.
Because he fell for her first. And he’s going to prove to her that she fell for the wrong prince.


Your life seems to be a fairy tale, but thats shatterd in one minute.

That happened to Cara. Her life ended the minute Philipe had cheated on her. What you do in that situation: escape and hide anywhere you can! Than fate put his brothers in front of you and he takes you for a trip.
What will happen? You will discover in book!

Cara is a women who knows her way, she has a habbit when shes worried, i really liked her as she was really a full women with good and bad sides of it.
Eric a second Prince, he tries to find his way to win Caras Heart, will he manage? He deals with his own demons and we can see it while reading his POVs 😉
Main characters well developed, background characters were a little less, but still not one dimensional!!

For romance lovers!


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