Mage school in new way! Mage lessons by Ilana Waters

33144189Author: Ilana Waters


Published: december 2016
A supernatural boarding school. A missing potion. A ghostly figure. A mage who might one day save the world . . . if he can survive.
My father lied. This wasn’t high school. This was hell.
Still grieved over his witch mother’s disappearance, Joshua the mage is shipped off to a paranormal boarding school by his cold vampire father. Mistrusted as a supernatural freak, all Joshua wants to do is lay low until graduation. But when vandalism, thefts, and other crimes start plaguing the school, all fingers point to him. And when one crime takes a turn for the deadly, it’s up to Joshua to clear his name. If he doesn’t, he risks more than expulsion.
He risks paying the ultimate penalty.
What would you do when you are a boy whose father is a vampire and Roman general. Your mather – a witch that went missing some time ago. Almost everyone think you are a half-breed looser!
You would sink in it, but not Josh – he tries to prove them in some way that he is who he is!
I liked the way Josh was created, as boy who knows what mean hard life and that he has his own issues. He’s really clever and inteligent. I was amazed by this. And for sure he is a born to-be-leader.
Main character is well developted, others are also good, but not as much.
There we can find bad guys, romance, friendship and of course lessons.
What i can say, i’m looking forward to read next book.

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