Running junkie try to find her way, for me not a very nice read – Angel Blood by Jae Vogel


Author: Jae Vogel

ISBN-13: 978-1539961581

Published: November 2016



Junkie. Prostitute. Revolutionary. At some point, the pursuit of pleasure is no longer enough. Jayne Daux thought she had her life under control. The drugs were easy to find, and work at the Solis Entertainment Red Light District was tolerable enough. She had at least one solid friend, and was never hard up for a good time. But when one simulation gets rough, pushing the boundaries of consent, something happened which would change her life forever.

Enter the Blood Angel. A psychic link. A savior. A dangerous path forward, weaving a trail of danger and violence. What happens when the evidence stacks up, and you find yourself at the mercy of the most powerful corporate interest in the New World? What happens when your friends are taken from you, and you are villainized for standing firm in the face of injustice? Join Jayne as she confronts both the dystopian corporate state, and the darkness of her own mind.


I was struggling during reading this book. I found there spelling mistakes for example were instead of aware. There were also ” without begining or end to it.
I ususaly don’t have problems in following events in plot but here sometimes i was asking myself how she get it?
In this book even a 12 year old girl has more sense than heroine and she even say so!
And whats the most important to me – there was no warning about adult context in this book (and for me it was counted in very bad as i was looking for fantasy without moments in it!), but now in description it was added and thats the reason i change my stars from 2 to 3 stars!
And whats more i couldn’t begin to like main character.
I hope to try more books from this author to change my opinion


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