Magical love in Paris – Save Me by Anna Santos

32022699Author: Anna Santos


Published: October 2016


Young Camille’s dreams are shattered when she’s rejected by the ruthless and abusive Alpha of the Shadow Pack. Her only chance at survival is to arrive in Paris and pray that what her brother told her about the angels is true.
Chased and almost killed upon her arrival, she’s saved by the mythical creatures who protect the city. Plus, Fate gives her a new mate. The one she always dreamed about. But with a price.
Jacob had been waiting a long time to be matched to a rejected soul so he could break his curse and become a full angel. Camille is everything he’d been looking for in a mate—she has a good heart and she’s extremely brave. Running against time, they have thirty days to fall in love or he will turn into stone, forever.
Peril strikes when Alpha Simon wants to reclaim Camille. In a mad quest for power, he wages war on the other packs. Now more than being saved, Camille needs to be the savior.
This is my first book from Anna Santos.
I kept reading until i got till the end! I read it within one day – for me not usual.
I used to read this kind of books a lot, but this one was so fresh in concept with mates (more in book); the motive with angels and gargoyles got my heart.
The relationship between Cami and Jacob was true and there were emotions and behaviors not artificial about her attitude for Jacob after what had happened to her.
This book has what good book needs 🙂
This is: good and interesting characters; other characters not only as background with more than one dimension plot with fresh things and for sure good and memorable writing!
Anna this series is going to be one of my favorites!

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