Motor gang, love & revenge – Threat by Tia Lewis


threatAuthor: Tia Lewis

ISBN: 153709484X

Published: October 2016


As V.P. of the Blood Riders MC, Drake is used to calling the shots, getting his way, and sleeping with every biker groupie within reach. When he meets Nicole, her feisty, headstrong beauty pulls him in, even as his instincts warn him she’s hiding something.
Nicole is determined to learn who killed her father, a detective who was investigating the Blood Riders. When the chemistry between her and Drake becomes much more, she’s caught between her desires and her desperate need for answers.
Then her search turns deadly, and Nicole has to put everything on the line―and trust that the man she’s fallen for will forgive her betrayal. Will he come to her defense … or will his eyes be the last thing she ever sees?


I received an ARC in exchange for honest review.
This is my first book written by Tia. And i’m glad i read it 😉
This book is my come back to that genere, i haven’t read it recently.
I read it really fast. The action goes fast (sometimes too fast). I would loved to have a slower version of their romance.
I was really glad that there was something else beside sex as some authors nowadays forget about plot and other characters just to let them do it everywhere. But NOT here – we have a lot characters twists, and problems.
And for sure i liked all descriptions very catchy 😉
Good job Tia!


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