Vampires in Chicago (20’s) – Give in to the feeling by Sarah Zama


Author: Sarah Zama

ISBN13: 9781310502927

Published: March 2016


Chicago 1924
When Susie dances with Blood in Simon’s speakeasy, she discovers there’s a new world beyond the things she owns and the things she’s allowed to do. Blood values her thoughts, her feelings and offers his respect for her as a person.
So different from the luxury Simon has offered her. The exciting club nights and the new freedom of dressing and doing as she pleases.
But Susie’s still Simon’s woman, and he won’t allow her to forget it.
Soon, Susie there might be more than two men fighting over her. As Blood and Simon confront each other, Susie sees the spirit world filter into her world and crack the reality she knows. And when she looks through the shards of the illusion she’s been living, Susie realises making a choice between the two will be more difficult than she has ever imagined.


This novella is really unusual – Chicago during 20’s. So rare!
It takes place mostly in some kind of club. The atmosphre for me was like from some kind of paranormal book and i liked it (somewhere in the middle but not on the top).
The story goes around Chainise girl named Susie (in english). Her story looks like a paper marrige from that time (like in Lisa See Books) so background was made good and accurate for the time of the story 😉
It’s a short and easy read book


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