Prequel to new faerie series – The Prince, a Betrayal & a Kiss by Kristin D. Van Risseghem


Author: Kristin D. Van Risseghem


Published:  November 2015


Like most Winter fairies, Finnegan is one of few words, but he fulfills his princely duties without too much protest. That is, until he meets Sidelle—a Summer fairy princess. For the unlikely pair, it seemed their meeting was destiny. But their forbidden bond is discovered and torn apart.

Now, Finnegan must escape his mother’s clutches to find his love and apologize, beg forgiveness, and show her the depth of his feelings. But instead of finding Sidelle, Finnegan befriends a dark stranger who leads him down a troubling path, tricking him into becoming someone he despises—exactly how a Winter fairy should behave—one who Sidelle may never trust.


This story is short and quick. It has to show world of the series.

We have faeries, angels and humans in this series. This book is about the first one, generally.

I like it as a pice of the world – i know something and then i want to know more and more 🙂 this book is like that.

Must read for faeries fan!


Soon more reviews!!


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