Really gifted bus driver – The Troubles Keeper by Susan May



Author: Susan May

Publish:  October 2016


Bus driver Rory Fine has a gift. He can take troubles from others with merely a touch. On a rain-swept night, he asks his glum passengers to leave their worrisome emotions in his palm. But when he touches one person’s hand everything he knows about trouble keeping is shattered. Somebody aboard hides a deadly and dangerous secret.
What began simply, descends into a perilous battle with a menacing and evil dark thing. Rory now faces a terrible decision: should he reveal his secret gift to Mariana, the passenger he’s come to love but barely knows? The last time that happened, somebody died. But he must find a way because someone is stalking Mariana. Someone who kills in a macabre and sickening way. Someone with abilities more powerful than his own.
Should the killer’s plan succeed, it’s not just Mariana at risk, but the very fabric of the world. Rory will need to discover a strength he may not possess. Even then, that might not be enough. For when the Trepan Killer wants you, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Can Rory stop the Trepan Killer before he loses all? To do so, he must face more than the killer. He must face his own harrowing past …


This is my first book written by Susan and you know what: I really like it and i will have very high expectations when i begin her other book. This in an ARC provided in exchange for honest review 🙂
What do we need to make A good book:
interesting characters – they are for sure!
blooming relationship – yeah!
bad one behind the scene – present!
good plot – it’s brilliant!
Main character seems to be a normal guy, but that is not not true. He has A power (look at the title 🙂 ).
We see his struggles how to deal with his power, emotions and this bad one.
Fragments from past – i loved them!
Next in queue is: heroine, or rather just bus passenger for about half of the book. that was very unusual for my, because most authors rather put characters in front lina since the beginning.
The Trepan Killer, chapters from his perspective – short and so straight – it allowed me to see something in his mind 🙂
If there is an sequel i would love to read it!


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