Young author in spy world – Teenage spy by Niala Tennyson


Author: Naila Tennyson

IBSN: 9386073439

Published:  May 2016


Everybody loves to dream. They dream of becoming what they want. One such extraordinary dream was that of William Dunk. A teenager, living in North Bellwood, William Dunk aspires to become a spy.Growing up among spy novels and movies, he consequently loses his interest in his medical studies that his father Richard Dunk, a well known businessman, had pushed him to do. His obsession for becoming a spy results in his expulsion from high school. His father loses his calm and banishes him from his mansion. William moves to South Bellwood and finds a best friend in his neighbor. The two embark on a mission to fulfill William’s dream. But is it really easy to go through after what one wants they get? After all, Bigger the aims, bigger the risks!


I received this bok in exchange for honest review.
The story goes around young boy – William – who is crazy about being a spy. The story doesn’t have big twist, it goes smoothly. We see how William deal with his ‘normal’ life as an agent.
This book needs some editing, sometimes i found lack of it. Also I would appreciate more descriptions of places, emotions.
It’s a short story for one evening 🙂
After reading it, I can see that Naila has potential, but she needs to work on it 🙂

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