Strong emotions in thin book – UnTamed by Laxmi Hariharan


Once again: stunning cover!

Author: Laxmi Hariharan


Published:  June 2016


Leana Iyeroy, the first hybrid in her family, only ever wanted to be 100% human. An unexpected encounter with the Hugging Saint of Bombay forces Leana to face the wolf inside her. A shifter, coming of age story, about falling in love and discovering oneself.

UnTamed was originally published as part of the UnCommon Bodies Anthology and is a standalone story in the Many Lives series.


First thing after reading – so short but full as long book. Sometimes short stories lack depth but this one of course not ( this Is my second short story from Laxmi and it’s also brilliant).
The story Is described by thoughts of Leana, as well her origin, how she felt. This gave the book a package of very strong emotions.
Her story wasn’t easy, but as teenage girl she try to do something do she won’t be blamed for what had happened (all i can say Is that people can destroy you for something from not even from your past).
Emotion, this book Is based on them (very strong, but not overwhelming).
And the last thing, acceptance Is something we can learn or rather just try to understand on the example of main character 😉
In one word: super.


Second book from Laxmi, once again  very good. There will be more works by this brilliant author!

Laxmi’s sites:

Facebook ant Twitter 🙂

Soon more reviews!


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