First review! Hellion by Rosalie Stanton

Beautiful 🙂

Author: Rosalie Stanton

IBSN13: 9780996453356

Published: may 2016


Life in Heaven is a snooze and Sera is always on the lookout for reasons to ditch the Pearly Gates. When a job opens to get close to the orphaned son of a King of Hell, she doesn’t hesitate in signing up. Sera’s role is simple: befriend and protect Colin until he is old enough to seize his powers and overthrow his tyrannical father.

Piece of cake.

Colin knows his best friend, Sera, is quirky. In fact, he loves her for it—more than she can know. So when she tells him he’s the heir to a Kingdom of Hell, he tries to play along. Sure, the whole thing’s nuts, but there isn’t much he wouldn’t do for her.

Still, Colin isn’t prepared for what he learns. Or sees.

The closer Sera gets to completing her mission, the more conflicted she becomes. In all eternity, she never thought she’d fall in love, especially not with someone who happens to be the best friend she’s ever had. But no matter how badly Sera and Colin want to stay together, duty, demons, and Heaven and Hell stand in the way.



I received book for free in exchange for a honest review 🙂

Book is focused on relationship between two friends (long-term friends): Colin and Sera.
It shows how their relation change in a brief moment. Due to some conditions (more in book).

Book is classified as paranormal romance and erotic (not that much).

Plot take place nowadays, so everyone can imagine how their whereabouts look like from some films 🙂

I recommend this book especially to female, due to very emotional pack inside book. If you like romances and heaven/hell motive this book is for you 🙂

Reading this history you can’t get lost within characters, because there are only 2 of them that happen to be important during well something like 70% of book, so you can concentrate on the most important things – relationship between Colin and Sera.

Description made me think that there would be more action, but I welcomed a thought of book with slow action and a lot of emotions (so rare when I think about paranormal book).

And in the end, there are sex scenes, but it’s not like the core of it. So don’t look for something like Gray or Cross in it. – I really appreciate that it was written like that:)

So, in conclusion I recommend this book to people who look for emotions, changing relationship. Even if you don’t like paranormal things I think you should try, because it’s not the most important thing in it.

I will come back to it in some time 🙂 Have a nice adventure 🙂



This is my first review. I hope it will help you.

Cover and description posted with permission from Rosalie Stanton




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